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Solutions by Need

Powerful uCaaS tools to drive operational excellence across all departments. Explore our solutions for an in-depth look on how your team can leverage net2phone Canada.


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Sales Organizations

Reliable service to connect your sales team to prospective clients with analytics tools to drive call performance and track sales activity.

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Technical Support Organizations

Deliver unparalleled customer support with enhanced connectivity and reporting features to track tickets.

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Customer Success Organizations

Integrate your business communications with your CRM platform for a unified solution to connect with clients and access customer intelligence.

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Make your company’s first impression a great one with a strong connection and digital reception features.

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Call Centre

Reporting statistics and real-time agent analytics to improve operational efficiencies.

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Remote Workforce

Remain connected while geographically dispersed through video conference, messaging, conference calling and more.

A Phone Solution Customized For Your Business

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