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Business VoIP phone systems for sales teams

The art of selling knows no limits or locations, and neither should your phone system. Harness the power of net2Phone Canada’s cloud-based unified communications to achieve your sales targets.

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Empower your sales team with the right tools

Building a hungry sales team is merely half the battle to success. To truly maximize your sales potential, you need to empower your sales team with the most reliable communications and call monitoring tools available. net2phone Canada users can connect to potential clients through voice, SMS messaging, and video conferencing to tailor their outreach based on their prospect’s preferences. With overseeing capabilities, management can track call activity in real time and leverage various features to listen in on live or recorded sales calls.

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Create a culture of high performance

Provide an environment to build team, management, and executive-level dashboards to showcase call performance and trends on wall screens, desktops, or on mobile devices. Easily create dashboards of your call data using a drag and drop interface and incorporate a variety of visualizations to showcase call performance.

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Store audio records of conversations

Store audio records of conversations for short and long-term to provide training opportunities, enhance quality control, and retain a digital recording to comply with legislation or support contractual agreements.


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The customer support is a huge part of why I believe wholeheartedly in net2phone Canada. When I experience issues with my internet, the net2phone Canada team works with me and my internet provider to troubleshoot and solve my issue, even when the problem does not stem from net2phone Canada itself. It is great to finally have someone that is knowledgeable and willing to help.

- Tim Manery M2 Financial, Co Owner
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In the world of law, communication is key. What’s even better is leveraging the latest technology through net2phone Canada to communicate with clients more efficiently. Our firm recently implemented a quality cloud-based business phone solution, and we couldn’t be more impressed.

- Ashala Naidu Naidu Legal, Founder
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A traditional phone system will not always translate from Company A to Company B. With net2phone Canada’s vast array of features and integrations, we were able to customize a phone solution to fit the specific needs of our business and it works brilliantly.

- Amy Cunningham Gateway Livestock, Logistics Coordinator

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