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M2 Financial Trusts net2phone Canada to Deliver Unique Phone Solution

While the high-end features served as a major benefit, the defining factor in choosing net2phone Canada was the quality of customer support.


M2 Financial Solutions combines accounting and investment expertise to deliver clients a solution that is unparalleled to other financial service institutions. They are uniquely positioned to provide insightful Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Income Tax, and Accounting services all under one umbrella.


To find a phone solution with a comprehensive feature set that would offer partners the flexibility of working while traveling while simultaneously connecting the phone systems of two separate business entities.


M2 Financial Solutions were early adopters of VoIP. As they began to scale their operations and merge two business entities under one brand, they quickly realized that their previous VoIP provider did not have the feature set, hardware quality or technical support necessary to support their operations. Aside from the constant system failures, outdated technology, and lack of support, M2 Financial didn’t feel as though their concerns were being prioritized by their provider.
They knew they had a unique issue to resolve and needed a phone solution that could connect two business entities while allowing clients to call into a single phone system – so they reached out to net2phone Canada.

Solution & Results

net2phone Canada worked hand-in-hand with M2 Financial to provide a solution that would allow a customer to call into a single phone number and be linked to whichever business entity they needed to reach. Partners appreciated the inclusive auto-attendant feature which created a professional and interactive experience for callers and the simultaneous ring feature ensured that clients enjoyed constant contact.

While the high-end features served as a major benefit, the defining factor in choosing net2phone Canada was the quality of customer support. M2 Financial operates with the peace of mind in knowing that whenever they experience difficulty with their system, they are guaranteed to speak directly with a net2phone Canada support representative within seconds and that the net2phone Canada team will work relentlessly to resolve the issue.


Whitby, Ontario



Client Base

Individuals and small businesses

Why net2phone Canada?

Above and beyond technical support team, intuitive feature set, ability to access phone system wherever and whenever.

"The customer support is a huge part of why I believe wholeheartedly in net2phone Canada. When I experience issues with my internet, the net2phone Canada team works with me and my internet provider to troubleshoot and solve my issue, even when the problem does not stem from net2phone Canada itself. It is great to finally have someone that is knowledgeable and willing to help.”

Tim Manery


M2 Financial Services