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Emergency services — 911 dialing

net2phone Canada cloud-based business phone service offers a form of 9-1-1 service (9-1-1 Dialing) that is similar to traditional 9-1-1 (911) service but has some important differences and limitations when compared with enhanced 9-1-1 service (E911) available in most locations in conjunction with traditional telephone service. With both traditional 9-1-1 and E911 service, your call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. In addition, with E911 service, your call back number and address are visible to the emergency response centre call-taker. With net2phone Canada’s 9-1-1 service, your call is sent to a national emergency call centre. The call centre operator will confirm your location information and then transfer your 9-1-1 call to the emergency response centre closest to your location. You should be prepared to confirm your address and call-back number with the operator. Do not hang up unless told directly to do so and if disconnected, you should dial 9-1-1 again.

You should ensure your location information, when registered with net2phone Canada, is kept current at all times. In case you are not able to speak during the 911 call, the call taker would dispatch emergency response vehicles to your last registered address. You need to update your 9-1-1 Dialing information if you move to a different location and/or if you add a new line to your account. An admin fee of $10 applies each time you change your registered address.

Remember that 9-1-1 Dialing service will not function in the event of a power or broadband outage or if your broadband, ISP, or net2phone Canada service is suspended or terminated. Following a power failure or disruption, you may need to reset or reconfigure your Device prior to utilizing the service, including 9-1-1 Dialing. Due to technical reasons, including network connection, it is possible a 9-1-1 emergency call will produce a busy signal or take longer to connect than traditional 9-1-1 calls.

You should inform any employee, guest, and other persons who may use the net2phone Canada Service either at the physical location registered or at another location of the important differences in and limitations of VoIP 9-1-1 Dialing services as compared with E911 service as discussed above.

We limit our liability to you in respect of our 911 Dialing service as we do not have any control over whether, or the manner in which, calls using our 911 Dialing service are answered or addressed by any local emergency response centre. If you are not comfortable with the limitations of the 911 Dialing service, you should consider having an alternate means of accessing traditional 911 or E911 services or terminating the Service.

Prior to subscribing to the net2phone Canada service, you must review the full text of applicable limitations of liability set out in the Terms of Service that will be provided to you.