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Supercharge every business decision with call analytics

Feed valuable call data into processes and decisions with net2phone Canada Insights. Included with all SONAR plans.

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Performance Wallboards

net2phone Canada Insights Performance Wallboards creates a culture of high performance by gamifying team and individual call centre and agent KPI's while motivating underperforming agents.

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Call Centre Web Header

The Call Centre Web Header improves relationships with callers by being transparent about wait times and call volume. It empowers callers to choose the best time to reach a live agent or select an alternative method of contact.

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Call recordings

Insights Call Recording provides your organization with audio records of conversations and agreements to improve the caller experience, business performance, and to comply with industry regulations and standards.

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Google Sheets Add-on

The Google Sheets add-on empowers you to analyze call data your way to gain unique business perspectives about the health of your call flows, volume, performance, and caller experience.

Feature value

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Improve relationships

Call recordings allow your employees to go back and revisit something a client or prospect said, ensuring that nothing was missed.

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Increase customer experience

Transparency about wait times and call volumes empowers your clients. Better understanding your call flows will help you optimize them and increase the overall experience.

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Resolve disputes

No more “he-said-she-said”. Insights gives you the exact call recordings to ensure that the evidence is there to resolve disputes. Data points give you the numbers you need to go to bat for your team.

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Connect your data points

The Google Sheets add-on gives you the ability to easily connect your call data to other data you track. Easily track a rep’s time on phone, or volume of calls to better understand their key performance indicators.

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Increase accountability

Performance Wallboards create transparency and accountability within your organization. Your business and individual key performance indicators are visually available, creating a culture of high-performance.

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Provide better training

Deeper data understanding and the ability to review calls gives you the opportunity to work with your staff and improve their performance.

Use Cases

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In an era defined by digital transformation and data-driven decision making, information gathering, and real-time analytics have emerged as key drivers of success in business. With emerging technologies and saas-based tools, the pool of data from which meaningful and actionable insights can be drawn is being constantly added to. But even the most common business tools such as email and VoIP telephony can help companies leverage data to deliver a connected customer experience.

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Since the birth of the cloud, SaaS companies have been disrupting once-saturated markets with new delivery models focused on providing value through analytics. While SaaS has become the modern way of doing business, these companies aren’t invincible, either. The success of a SaaS company lies far beyond simply moving software to the cloud. To be successful, these businesses must make thoughtful, data-driven decisions in order to continually improve operations.

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The best organizations acknowledge that their phone system is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal. Not only can their call data allow them to gain a holistic view of their customer base, but it also enables them to make smarter business decisions. Companies that believe the misconception about how call data is only beneficial to a call centre are missing out on a wealth of information. In fact, nearly every department within an organization can find value in call data. Here are just a few!

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