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Why SaaS Needs Call Analytics

The success of a SaaS company lies far beyond simply moving software to the cloud. To find success, SaaS companies must make thoughtful, data-driven decisions in order to continually improve operations.

Since the birth of the cloud, SaaS companies have been disrupting once-saturated markets with new delivery models focused on providing value through analytics. While SaaS has become the modern way of doing business, these companies aren’t invincible, either. The success of a SaaS company lies far beyond simply moving software to the cloud. To be successful, these businesses must make thoughtful, data-driven decisions in order to continually improve operations.

From the initial interaction between prospect and SDR (Sales Development Representative, also called a BDR) to the deployment of the SaaS tool, consumers go through several touch points. With most, if not all, of these interactions occurring over the phone, these calls harness valuable information about a business’ user experience and how prospects perceive the offering.

Anybody who walks the halls of the Versature office can attest to how often the phones are ringing. Whether it be clients calling into our tech support team to change their password or our sales team informing prospects on our exciting new promotions, our phones are constantly in use. As a phone solutions provider, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality hardware, service and analytics tools to help companies leverage the data they generate from every phone call. We’re confident that our analytics functionality can help businesses improve operations because we use it ourselves every day. Collecting, storing and analyzing call data is easier than ever thanks to Insights, and it has lead to our productivity skyrocketing.

Here are just some of the many reasons why SaaS needs call analytics.

Make Informed Decisions

Growing your business without tracking performance is like driving down the freeway with a blindfold over your eyes. Analyzing your call data is necessary to maintain growth and will identify unoptimized opportunities that can be paramount to maintaining your competitive advantage. Information about your call flows, call volume, and agent performance are important metrics to track and can serve as leading indicators so you can make informed decisions.

Motivate your Sales Team

Whether you’re a small startup or an industry giant, having a high-performance SDR and sales team is integral to successfully penetrating and conquering your B2B market. Create a fun and competitive environment by incorporating data into leaderboards that showcase the number of calls made, number of demos booked, length of call time, and any other data that you think is imperative. This increases transparency between the team and will act as a means of motivating underperformers.

Understand your clients

Your sales are going to suffer if hundreds of competitors are offering near-identical services. You won’t be able to persuade a business to buy your software or be able to innovate exciting additions unless you clearly understand what it is your customers want. You don’t need to spend days calling every client to ask how you can better meet their needs, all of this information is already stored in your call recordings! Listen to a random sample of recordings from your tech support or customer service teams to decipher your clients’ biggest pain points with your service or listen to your sales calls to see what prospects are really looking for out of your software. Understanding these needs will enable you to be the first to innovate and position your business as an industry leader.

Achieve Negative Churn

Compared to the enterprise software firms of the past who rely on significant upfront fees, SaaS business models rely on small increments of recurring revenues. Therefore, in order to continue increasing revenues, you need to keep your customers happy so they don’t find a reason to churn. While the quality of your service is what really matters, there are a few ways that call data can help improve relationships with customers. One of the reasons that Versature clients love our service is how easy it is to contact support. Nobody likes spending hours on hold to fix a seemingly simple problem. With call data, you can be transparent about wait times and call volume and empower callers to choose the best time to reach a live agent.

Get in touch with one of our Product Experts to take a tour of Insights and learn more about how these powerful call data tools can benefit your business.