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SONAR’s Zoho integration creates a seamless experience between sales and support.

Operate your entire business through a single, reliable, and powerful tool, automatically capturing calls inside Zoho, and giving your teams easy access to customer intelligence analytics.

How it works

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Call from within the Zoho CRM

When you log into Zoho, you’ll receive a call pop notification when you have an incoming call, and have an easy click to dial interface from any number through the platform.

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Record call details

Once on a call, you can easily record any details during the call within the call pop, and have all of the notes transferred to the call instance within the lead or contact.

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Easy follow-up

When you end a call you’ll be able to finish your note taking and also be prompted if you’d like to set up a follow-up event, call, or task. You’ll never forget to action a follow-up!

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Detailed Reporting

Each call made through the Zoho integration will automatically have important information recorded like call time, call duration and call type, to easily run call activity reports and gain deeper insights into your time spent on the phone.

Feature value

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Be in the know

All of the information about the call, including notes logged, are available in the lead or contact feed. Everyone in your organization has access to the most up-to-date records.

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Information at your fingertips

information on the caller automatically populates in the “call pop” and you can easily link out to get more detailed information as required.

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Don’t miss next steps

Easily add additional notes or follow-up actions like “Call”, “Event”, or “Task” from the “call pop” immediately after the call has wrapped.

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Capture accurate metrics

Additional metric capture for data like call duration, and call type gives you more insight and can be correlated to the metrics that matter to you. Automatic information capturing ensures accuracy.

Pricing customized for your business

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Use Cases

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Sales focused employees often live in their CRM. The Zoho integration allows users to operate completely within Zoho keeping their focus where it’s needed and not requiring them to jump around to log information. With automated detail recording, information like call date and duration, as well as if it was an incoming or outgoing call is all captured automatically allowing your team to spend more time on what’s important, closing deals.

Ready to get this integration set up on your net2phone Canada account?

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Visit net2phone Canada Academy

To get your net2phone Canada Zoho integration connected, visit the net2phone Canada Academy to see the documentation.