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Connect your SONAR phone system to blueButler by Blue C.

Seamlessly connect SONAR's call data directly into your agency management system so you can power a better client experience.

How it works

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Peace of mind

Storage of net2phone Canada call recordings, metadata, and transaction data in blueButler’s tamper-proof environment delivers a secure audit trail of client interactions. Insurance brokers have peace of mind knowing they have secure digital call records and recordings from net2phone Canada linked into their BMS system by blueButler at their virtual fingertips.

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Customize call workflows

Automated call workflows guide brokers through key questions to gather information required to complete a transaction or claim. Workflows are customized for each scenario to ensure the right information is captured for every situation. For easy access and searchability, call recordings can be tagged with specific keywords to identify the content and call type.

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Instant performance insight

Managers gain additional insight into broker performance through dashboards and analytics that provide high-level overviews and the ability to drill down to more detail, including direct links to call recordings. Using blueButler analytics, managers can identify successful communications strategies, up-sell opportunities, as well as opportunities for coaching teams or individuals.

Feature value

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Increase revenue and retention

More data on your customers, better ways to connect, and more insights allows your insurance brokers to build relationships with customers and prospects ultimately securing their business.

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Beat the competition

Additional insight into insurance broker performance and tools like call recordings for training can give your brokerage the edge when vying for business.

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Protect yourself from errors

Call recordings and transaction data kept within blueButler’s tamper-proof environment, allowing you to go back and help protect you from errors.

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Improve productivity

Automated workflows increase productivity and ensure that your agents are capturing the data needed to do their job effectively.


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Our integration with net2phone Canada provides brokers with a simpler and more cost-effective method of deploying blueButler than the traditional method of using onsite network taps. The net2phone Canada integration also allows blueButler to capture mobile call data and recordings and to provide enhanced features like click-to-call.

- John McDonald blueC, CTO

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