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SONAR Mobile: Your phone system on the go.

Connect to your business from anywhere, keep work calls separate from personal. Included with every SONAR plan.

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All SONAR functionality in the palm of your hand

Enable and disable your list of preset Answering Rules to easily change settings like Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Do Not Disturb, and more. With all of your call traffic moving through the net2phone Canada system, you have access to all of the functionality of your desk phone from within your mobile device.

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Call Flip to a different device

If you have multiple devices connected to your extension, you may find yourself wishing you had answered the call on a different device, or want to switch devices if you’re on the move. Use *11 to easily move from your desk phone to mobile app, or from mobile app to your personal conference phone, without notifying the caller on the other line.

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Easy inbound and outbound communication

Connect to your contacts with easy one-touch dialling to all SONAR users in addition to the numbers stored on your mobile device. All communication through your network, on both your SONAR phone app and desk phone, will populate as information and call data in your client portal. Don’t have a caller’s contact information stored? Simply click to re-dial callers in your Call History within the app.

Feature value

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Communicate anywhere

You don't have to be tied to your desk. with the SONAR Mobile App, you have the freedom to work wherever, while staying connected to your business.

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Better customer experience

No need to provide multiple phone numbers to be accessible. Offer your callers a more unified communications experience and stay responsive 24/7.


Conference Table with leather chairs - Naidu Legal Law Firm Lawyers - net2phone Canada - Business VoIP Phone System

In the world of law, communication is key. What’s even better is leveraging the latest technology through net2phone Canada to communicate with clients more efficiently. Our firm recently implemented a quality cloud-based business phone solution, and we couldn’t be more impressed.

- Ashala Naidu Naidu Legal, Founder

Already a SONAR user? Download the app.

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Download SONAR on the App Store.

Go to App Store and download the SONAR Mobile app. Log in with your SONAR credentials and connect to your phone system on the go.

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Download SONAR on Google Play.

Go to Google Play and download the SONAR Mobile app. Log in with your SONAR credentials and connect to your phone system on the go.

Pricing customized for your business

Request a demo or get a personalized quote

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Get more info on how net2phone Canada can impact your business and see examples of how our solution fits into your industry, or use case.