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Paging Functionality

IP voice paging and notification system for public address (PA), is a network-based solution that integrates into your net2phone Canada VoIP telephone system. net2phone Canada can support both an existing paging system, as well as the creation of a brand new paging system.

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Connect to an existing system

Existing paging systems can be connected to a net2phone Canada system through a paging adapter. This adapter allows you to access any existing paging system and also build on top of it with new paging or alert devices.

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Build a net new paging system

Any combination and number of paging speakers and devices can be implemented – from one to many. There are practically no limits to the scale of the solution. Only a PoE switch or injector is required to power the endpoints, and network connectivity is all that is needed.

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Plenty of hardware options

net2phone Canada uses Algo IP products as they offer a wide variety of speakers (wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and horns), paging adapters and strobe lights to suit any paging requirement whether it is a single room or large enterprise environment.

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Configure devices to ring

Algo devices can be used as both paging devices and ringing devices. Ringing extensions allow you to assign different ring tones for different ring extensions to your Algo devices and have the device emit a tone or trill when you call that extension. Great for notifying a busy environment if there's a phone ringing, or alerting if there's someone at the back door with a delivery.

Feature value

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Message the masses

Paging systems make it easy to convey messages in large areas like warehouses, and are an efficient way to broadcast to an entire building or office space.

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Broadcast from anywhere

When your paging system is connected to your VoIP system it allows you to broadcast messages from anywhere using the net2phone Canada Mobile Application, or from a laptop or desktop using the SONAR Phone.

Use Cases

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Paging allows management to instantly convey messages in loud noisy environments, such as warehouses or car dealerships. Oftentimes in warehouses, specific actions have to be taken at specific times, or ad hoc. Paging offers a way for supervisors to cut through the busy noise of a warehouse ensuring that all employees are aware of what’s required. Car dealerships can use paging to both alert and direct sales people as well as using it to alert customers if they have a service shop that their car is ready.

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A receptionist could ring into the warehouse and page all the phones/and speakers with a medium trill to get someone to pick up a phone and tell the warehouse lead there's someone there to meet with him, or have a doorbell intercom on the back of their warehouse door that a truck driver can ring at a high trill to signify there is a truck waiting to be unloaded and that everyone should move to the unloading zone.

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