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Shorten call hold times by 75% with a call queue

Easily create custom rules in SONAR to send every caller to the right team, or automatically call them back.

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Different rules for different queues

The same type of rules for call queues don’t work for every department or group. That’s why we offer different call queue types to suit your needs. Our three most common are:

  • Round-robin – Routes callers to the available agent that has been idle the longest.
  • Ring All – Routes callers to all available agents at the same time.
  • Linear Hunt – Routes callers to the available agents in a predefined order.
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Additional queue support

The call queue callback is a feature designed to enhance the experience for your clients calling into your call queues. If a caller dials into a call queue and no agents are available to answer, your callers can request a callback. Available for clients on the Call Centre plan.

Feature value

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A better experience

Nobody likes being on hold. Help your customers reach someone quickly and efficiently.

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Better understand your business

View call queue data using stats like active calls, calls per hour, calls per day, abandon rate, and average wait time.

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Queue callback

With queue callback, you’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction. Offering a return call process makes callers feel prioritized.

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Decrease abandonment rate

Call queues keep your customers from being trapped in automation, lowering your call abandonment rate.

Use Cases

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Use a ‘Round-Robin’ call queue for your sales team to equally distribute incoming calls to team members. ‘Ring All’ call queues are perfect for support and service teams where everyone is tasked to answer that customer call. Use ‘Linear Hunt’ for your accounting team where a call is sent to the Accounting Assistant first, and if they’re busy, it will get sent to the Accounting Manager, and so forth. Couple your call queues with your auto attendant to give your callers a high-quality experience.

Pricing customized for your business

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