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Give every caller a more professional experience with an auto attendant

SONAR gives you pre-recorded menus that help your callers find the right person, every time, automatically.

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Introductory greeting

Give your callers a great first impression! The introductory greeting is an audio clip that plays before the auto-attendant prompts. Create multiple introductory greetings for one Auto Attendant for business hours, after hours, and holidays.

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Dial pad menu

Within the SONAR client portal you can configure which dial pad input directs the caller. There are a number of different paths that can be taken including to specific users, to a call queue, to a user directory, a recorded message for mailing address or fax numbers, or an external number for after hours.

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Speech Keywords

Speech to text or Speech Keywords is a new feature that allows a caller to say what they want when they reach an Auto Attendant instead of pressing keys to make a selection. Making client interactions with your auto attendants friendlier and more intuitive. Increasing your level of customer service, and giving your organization; no matter the size, the big organization feeling.

Feature value

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Enhanced experience

A well-configured Auto Attendant will help callers reach their intended recipient quickly and efficiently.

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Freeing up time

When the majority of calls are automatically routed to the right people, it gives receptionists time to focus on other responsibilities.

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After hours support

An Auto Attendant can be configured and available for customers to reach your team members later for emergency support after regular business hours.


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Having callers be routed through our auto-attendant and corporate directory has saved me a lot of time in the long run, and has allowed me to focus on bigger tasks at hand.

- Jennifer Colgan eQube Technology and Software, Administrative Assistant
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Our old phone system was very rigid. Once we had the equipment installed and features set up, it was very difficult to make changes to things like voicemail or our auto attendant. net2phone Canada is entirely different. The system is so flexible and user-friendly, we are able to make changes whenever we need to and the support is always a quick call away.

- Julie LeTellier St-Joseph Family Medicine Clinic, IT Coordinator

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