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Introducing the net2phone Canada Zapier Integration

We’re excited to announce our newest integration with the Zapier platform. Giving our users the power to create automations with their suite of net2phone Canada toolbox.

Now, some of you may be asking yourself, what is Zapier? Zapier is an online automation tool that allows end users to connect and share data between their online applications. You can connect two (or more with a paid plan) applications to automate tasks all without needing to code anything or rely on internal or external development resources to build an integration. Each of these connections is called a “Zap”. Zapier allows you to make Zaps between over 3,000+ different applications such as Hubspot, Trello, Pipedrive and more.

net2phone Canada Integration

This integration allows our users to create Zaps for applications, even ones we don’t have native integrations for. These integrations are perfect for creating automations between the tools you use most each day, leading to less steps for the user to make with specific tasks; and therefore less time spent doing them, and more consistent/accurate data being moved as the system will always transfer it accurately; with less human error.

You can create Zaps based on triggers from the net2phone Canada system including:

  • Call answered

  • Call ringing

  • Call missed

  • Call busy

  • Call completed

Or create net2phone Canada events from triggers in other applications.

  • Place a call

  • Create a huddle

  • Get (internal) user info for a specific extension

An example of this would be setting up a Zap where if you missed a call, you could assign a task to yourself in a task management system like Asana, assign the task to a specific day, and pass through call information like what time the call was received, and from what number.

Visit the net2phone Canada Academy to see how to get your net2phone Canada account configured with Zapier. Visit our Zapier page to learn more about our integration, or visit our integrations page to learn more about other native integrations we offer.