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Palladium Insurance — Fast-Growing Insurance Firm Upgrades to net2phone Canada to Connect Multiple Offices

Palladium Insurance can spend their time focused on their business instead of worrying about their phone system.


Palladium Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage firm offering home, auto, commercial, life, and health insurance protection to their clients across Canada.


To find a phone system and provider that would enable the firm to meet their technology goals and scale their business with ease.


In 2013, Palladium Insurance found themselves growing and expanding rapidly. A large merger meant that they were no longer a one-office brokerage and needed to consolidate and streamline their business. A traditional landline-based phone system was not scalable and stopped meeting the needs of their business. Getting in touch with their current provider to set up a modern, multi-office system was proving challenging – they wanted features that simply weren’t available using old-school technology.

At that point, Palladium insurance knew that they needed to upgrade to a new and innovative phone system and a better partner to help them scale the business – so they got in touch with net2phone Canada.

Solution & Results

After learning about the benefits of VoIP and net2phone Canada’s innovative approach to delivering phone service, outstanding reliability record, and features, Palladium Insurance was ready to make the switch.

Together with the net2phone Canada onboarding team, a roll-out plan was created that included pre-configured phones so that the system was truly plug and play.

The impact of the switch is apparent in the day to day operations of their office. From freeing employees from their desks with the mobile apps to allowing one-touch communication between offices, to easy conference calls – Palladium Insurance can spend their time focused on their business instead of worrying about their phone system.


Ottawa, ON



Client Base

Individuals and Businesses Seeking Insurance

Why net2phone Canada?

Ability to scale and be flexible. Easy conference calls. Mobile Apps.

"We were looking for a phone system to bring us into the future. With net2phone Canada – we’ve found that system."

Cory Villeneuve


Palladium Insurance