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George W Drummond Limited — Local Site Developer Looks to net2phone Canada When Constructing Better Business Communication

Combining the benefits of a modern VoIP communications solution with a workforce that is constantly on the move ended up solving Drummond Ltd.'s dated business phone system woes.


George W. Drummond Ltd. is a site development organization specializing in excavation, backfilling, site services, heavy equipment rentals, road and parking lot construction. As a Ministry of the Environment approved waste management contractor, they also conduct removal and disposing of contaminated soil. For over 60 years, Drummond Ltd. has been securing contracts with clients from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, general contractors and educational institutions.


Operating across several locations including a main office, multiple gravel pits and a service shop, Drummond Ltd. needed a reliable solution that could withstand many years, while being easily and regularly maintained, updated, scaled and accessed by their growing staff.


Complications during on-site servicing, high service costs and lack of availability were frequent frustrations with former phone providers. Drummond Ltd.’s dated copper line wires had multiple corrosion issues, while the longevity of the overall system was destined to fail. Determined to start leveraging innovative technologies, Drummond Ltd. sought out VoIP as their next communications solution. A cloud-based platform would remedy their scalability challenges, and allow users to access their extension from any work site through their desktop phone, mobile app, or browser.

Solution & Results

Following months of product demos with pushy account executives, Drummond Ltd. approached net2phone Canada looking for a transparent and helpful service provider. Through upgrading to VoIP, Drummond Ltd. was introduced to new features like Voicemail to Email, which enables users to stay on top of their communications even when they miss a call. They enabled Simultaneous Ring during peak construction hours to route incoming calls to multiple phones at the same time, so that any available agent could answer the call as quickly as possible.

With dual-registered VoIP phones that fail-proof call signals, site outages have been minimized. Field workers can make and take calls through the net2phone Canada Mobile App, enabling all business communications to route through their user extension, rather than sharing their personal cell phone numbers. Upgrading to a cloud-based phone system has saved Drummond Ltd. significant time, and in turn, overhead. The Client Portal enables users to easily make changes to the system, and value-added services guide them through various construction projects. With instant access to online chat, support agents, and net2phone Canada’s self-service Academy articles, Drummond Ltd. is backed by a team of experts working towards their success.

Nepean, On.

Construction, Heavy Equipment Tool Rental, Snow Removal, Contracting

Client Base
Government Departments , Contractors

Why net2phone Canada?
New Technology, Cost Effective, User Friendly Administrative Portal, Tech Support, Simultaneous Ringing, Voicemail to Email, Fax, Remote Work Environment, Mobile App

Customer Quote

“Knowing that net2phone Canada’s service has been this great in the short amount of time we’ve been a customer speaks volumes to their hardware and infrastructure, and the longevity of their overall VoIP solution. Our office team and site workers worry less about vital information getting across to our clients, enabling us to focus more on the job at hand. From management all the way to the field, we can confidently say that the net2phone Canada solution has been improving communication both internally and externally. Their online support and resources help solve challenges quickly, which minimizes downtime and leads to more signed contracts."

Brian McNamara

Office Manager

George W Drummond Limited