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Power Properties — net2phone Canada Configures Remote VoIP Business Communication for Power Properties’ Worldwide Clients.

Power Properties can spend less time worrying about call quality throughout their different timezones, and focus on building long lasting relationships with their property owners and tenants.


Power Properties is a property management and real estate firm. Based in Western Canada, Power Properties serves Calgary property owners and tenants with remote workers across Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and more. For over 40 years Power Properties has focused on building long-term relationships with their clients through reliability and consistent communication. They carefully select qualified tenants to occupy their portfolio of properties and deliver a unique customer experience to both owners and tenants alike.


With a dedicated team of managers located across the globe, Power Properties needed a reliable VoIP business phone solution that could easily adapt to their remote work environments, while still maintaining high call quality. Upgrading from a dated Disk Operating Systems (DOS) would save significant resources during maintenance and user modifications.


Power Properties has always conducted business over the phone, basing their controller in the Middle East and relying on a stable connection to remain available to clients in multiple time zones. Following 3 months of faulty quality and dropped calls, Power Properties prioritized finding a new phone solution. They considered the upgrade an opportunity to update their current call routing and administrative process to transform their client’s calling experience.

Solution & Results

Power Properties enlisted the help of their IT Provider to assess their current challenges. After reviewing their former phone system, and understanding the goals that Power Properties wanted to accomplish with their communications, the IT Provider recommended net2phone Canada. Once onboarded, managers were not only able to make and receive high quality phone calls, but also easily pull and track key performance indicators, customize greetings and extensions, set up hardware in remote locations with minimal effort through an improved infrastructure, and had a team of Canadian-based VoIP experts readily available to remedy any challenges. net2phone Canada’s Self-Service Academy articles provide all the information they need, acting as viable resources for Power Properties to easily access instructional videos and how-to articles to update features. Our tech support team continued to proactively work with staff to ensure their system is customized for their specific needs and time zones.

Calgary, AB

Property Management, Real Estate

Client Base
Property Owners, Tenants

Why net2phone Canada?
New Technology, Reliable Service, Efficient Tech Support, Easy-To-Use Administrative Portal, Call Quality

Customer Quote

When your company serves worldwide clients on a daily basis, you need a reliable phone system. net2phone Canada business VoIP had a far superior solution to our previous provider, including everything we needed to update our entire telecommunications infrastructure through our external IT provider. They enabled our managers to conduct proper conversations with our tenants and property owners, and we’ve always received great support; whether it’s dealing with an office challenge, modifying user settings or updating administrative greetings."

Jamie Palmer


Power Properties