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Business phone solutions for mortgage brokers

As a mortgage broker, you help buyers determine the best type of mortgage for them, based on their individual needs. At net2phone Canada, we take the same approach to developing a phone solution for your brokerage. We take the time to learn about your unique business needs, and design a solution that will have a strategic impact on how you communicate with your network of clients and mortgage lenders.

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Canada’s mortgage industry is transforming

There are few bigger financial decisions than purchasing or refinancing a home. When it comes to choosing a mortgage broker, your clients need to feel confident in their decision. That’s why delivering a reliable and user-friendly calling experience is critical to organizations operating in the mortgage industry. From interacting face-to-face through our secure video conferencing platform, Huddle, to after-hours call management to provide 24/7 availability, net2phone Canada arms you with the communication tools you need to build strong client relationships.

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The digital homebuying experience

Canada’s mortgage industry is digitally transforming. Innovative technologies like cloud-based communications solutions have paved the way for opportunities to improve the way you deliver the next generation of property buyers the experience that they expect and deserve. Virtual appraisals, remote closings, e-signatures and cloud-based document sharing have become standard in the mortgage industry. Communication tools like video conferencing, SMS messaging, and browser-based calling enable brokers to stay connected and gain a competitive digital advantage.

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Be available to new client calls

In the mortgage industry, a missed call can mean a missed business opportunity. With net2phone Canada, you control your call flow – use auto attendants and call queues to prioritize new clients and ensure their calls are answered. Our mobile app and browser-based calling feature allow your agents to remain accessible wherever they are. We know missed calls happen – with net2phone Canada’s innovative voicemail to email feature, voicemails are transcribed to text and sent right to your email inbox with an included .WAV file should you need to listen to the voicemail. This enables you to easily stay on top of missed calls and prioritize who needs to be responded to.

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Quality calling experience, personalized to every broker

Every broker has their own strategies, client relationships, and workflows. Give brokers autonomy over how they manage their calls in a way that works best for them and their clients. Through the net2phone Canada Client Portal, individual users can manage their personal settings such as answering rules, contact lists, SMS and instant messages, voicemail greetings and what devices they have available.

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Success, for you and your clients

Not only does strong communication result in successful brokerage deals, but word of mouth referrals from happy clients can lead to new business opportunities. Integrate your CRM with your phone solution to optimize your performance without jeopardizing the human connection you develop with your clients. Through communication tools like calling, SMS messaging, and video conferencing, you can interact with your clients in their preferred medium, while ensuring their personal and financial information remains secure.

Features for mortgage brokers

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Call Queues

Use call queues to route incoming calls through a round robin system for even distribution to brokers.

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Direct inward dialling numbers

Each user can have their own direct number, allowing their clients to call them directly without having to go through a queue, while also allowing the brokers to be part of a call queue.

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Time of Day Rules

Automatically implement different call routing based on the time of day. Whether you have a broker available to accept after-hours calls or offer emergency support, your team can remain available.

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Text Message

For more informal conversations like needs-assessments, text messaging offers a way to communicate with those clients from a business-specific number, no need to give out your personal number.

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Mobile & Desktop Application

The SONAR mobile and SONAR Phone Desktop application gives you the ability to take your business number with you on the go.

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Incorporate insights from call data into your day-to-day business workflows through our suite of integrations with industry-leading cloud-based systems.

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Including secure hardware provisioning, geographically redundant data centres and call encryption, net2phone Canada ensures your clients’ financial information is protected.

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Answering rules

Never miss a client call. Use answering rules like SmartAnswer, SureAnswer, Call Forwarding and Non-Office hour messaging to remain available.

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Custom Greetings

Announce promotional mortgage rates and share information on new products through custom greetings.


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The technical support is the best part about working with net2phone Canada. They solve challenges quickly and effectively, and also take the time to teach me how to use and apply new features in our client portal.

- Tammi Hodgins D. Grant Construction, Receptionist
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Replacing our worn out, on-premise PBX phone system with a hosted communications solution has rectified many of the connectivity challenges we were facing. As we were already in the process of updating our Internet, net2phone Canada was the obvious choice with all of its value-added features. Our clinicians can easily access their voicemails, and we have confidence in net2phone Canada’s quick support chat function to provide assistance when we need it.

- Bryan Van Der Horn CommuniCare Therapy, Financial Administrator
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When searching for a new VoIP system, it seemed as though every provider was giving the same pitch. net2phone Canada was the first to actually show us the value of its service and work with us to create a unique solution that would best fit the needs of our business.

- Brian Dunk Dunk & Associates, Director of Technology

Pricing customized for your customer's business

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