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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Stop stressing about your upcoming office move! Be prepared for your next office move with our easy-to-follow comprehensive checklist.

Keep your office connected during your office move so it's business as usual for your clients.

  • You provide excellent service to your customers, but you also need to make sure you contact your service providers to ensure they can provide uninterrupted service to your business.
  • Preserve your online identity by making sure all of the virtual places where your company is represented have updated contact information.
  • Engage your employees, so they are in the know about all move details relating to the company, their office belongings and even the commute!
  • Focus on customer success and ways you can help your customers during your transition to new office space.
  • Get your IT in order by making sure everything is backed up and ready to move without disrupting your operational systems!
  • Get some press coverage for your office move! Moving is a great opportunity to make the business news and get some additional visibility for your company.

Download your copy of the ultimate moving checklist