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6 Phone System Integrations to Make Work Easier

How would you like to eliminate redundant tasks, save time and improve productivity? Adding phone system integrations to your business communication toolkit can help you do just that. We’re taking a closer look into different types of software you can integrate with your business phone system and their key advantages.

Both small businesses and large enterprises today are using more apps and software than ever before.

In fact, the average number of software as a service (SaaS) applications used by companies worldwide in 2021 was 110. And this number has been rising since 2015.

Integrating your VoIP (voice over IP) business phone solution with your existing software can be a game changer. You can automate tasks, break down silos and make processes more efficient.

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What is a VoIP Phone System Integration?

First of all, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows users to make and receive calls via the internet rather than traditional phone lines. Calls can be made using VoIP phones, computers, or mobile apps.

But did you know by using a modern phone system, you can connect your business phone to your existing tools and software through integrations?

You can create links between your phone system and tools like your CRM, project management, collaboration platforms and more.

Why would you want to do that? By syncing data between different systems, integrations streamline operations.

For example, if you link your VoIP phone system to your CRM, you can make calls directly from the CRM, saving you time and allowing you to make more calls.

It is also important to note that VoIP service providers offer different phone system integrations with their platforms, and each one can have different capabilities.

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Work Smarter With These 6 Phone System Integrations

(1) CRM Software

A CRM (customer relationship management) tracks customer interactions and captures data. You could use this information to enhance a customer’s experience and also uncover new business opportunities.

Phone system integrations with Salesforce, Zoho or other CRM tools automatically capture call data so that agents don’t have to. This automation helps reduce repetitive, manual work.

Take, for example, an agent who has to make outbound sales calls on a system without phone integration. The agent would have to find the phone number in the CRM, note it, and dial it manually. They would also have to spend extra time noting details of each call, including duration, time and notes.

This type of manual process opens the doors for human errors and the possibility of missed data points.

Benefits of VoIP and CRM Integration

  • Streamline:
    Initiate calls from the CRM with one click.

  • Save time:
    Make notes directly in the CRM during the call.

  • Efficiency:
    Quickly access customer information, such as the length of previous calls, purchases, and inquiries during a call.

  • Better Service:
    When a customer calls, previous communications, emails, messages, and agent notes will appear on the screen. Access to customer information can make it easier to help.

  • Collect Valuable Data:
    Use call analytics and stats to improve workflows and service.

Net2phone Canada Pro Tip:

Take advantage of net2phone Canada’s phone system integrations with Salesforce and Zoho. Or you can create custom integrations using our open API.

(2) Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack allow dispersed teams to work together using video conferencing, chat and other productivity tools. Adding VoIP to these tools via integrations lets you add phone calls and enhance your collaboration capabilities.

Benefits of Collaboration Tools and VoIP Phone Integration:

  • Convenience:
    Reduce the hassle of switching between apps

  • Easily Access Data:
    Save time and access contacts, history, voicemail and speed dial, or dial pad directly from the collaboration suite.
  • Better Features:
    Improve efficiency with advanced call features like call recordings, call analytics and voicemail to email.

  • Remote Work:
    Remote workers can make and take calls anywhere they have an internet connection. They could use a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile app.

  • Improved Conversations:
    VoIP provides high call quality for better conversations.

  • Stay up to Date:
    Receive notifications about calls directly in your collaboration tool.

Net2phone Canada Pro Tip:

Integrating net2phone with Microsoft Teams transforms your platform into an advanced phone system. This will give you capabilities that go beyond what MS Teams provides, including advanced call features.

(3) Help Desk Management Software

Organizations use help desk management software to provide customer support and IT support. Depending on your platform, you can manage service requests, offer self-service options, and more.

By integrating help desk management software with VoIP, you can improve customer service. Call data like call duration and type (incoming, outgoing, missed) is automatically stored and can easily be accessed by agents. Agents can then better serve customers by using the data.

Benefits of Integrating Your Help Desk Software With Your VoIP Phone System:

  • Efficiency:
    Save time by making calls through the app.

  • Less Time Collecting Data:
    Because the platform captures call data automatically, agents can spend less time collecting customer information.

  • Improve Customer Service:
    With call logs and call recordings automatically attached to tickets, you can better serve customers with quick access to their information

  • Easy to Manage:
    If an incoming caller doesn’t have an existing account or profile, you can easily create one. When there is no matching account, a pop-up box will appear and prompt you to create one.

Net2phone Canada Pro Tip:

Integrate net2phone Canada’s phone system with Zendesk, a leading ticketing software. It allows you to create new tickets quickly, pull up existing user profiles when they call, and capture data automatically.

(4) Integration Software

Organizations can create new, custom integration flows using third-party integration software. Custom integrations are a great option if your VoIP provider doesn't offer native integrations for your current tools.

A widely used and well-known integration tool is Zapier, which integrates with over 3000 apps, like Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp.

You can set up specific triggers to create actions within your existing tools. For example, the system can automatically create an Asana task to reply to a prospect if you have a missed call.

Benefits of Integration Software for VoIP:

  • Customize Workflows:
    You can set up appropriate actions based on your specific business needs and process flows.
  • Stay up to Date:
    Stay in touch by connecting your VoIP platform to a communication platform like Slack when working outside the office.

  • Quick Communication:
    Connect your VoIP solution to your lead generation tool for quick communication

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Net2phone Canada Customer Pro Tip:

Use net2phone Canada’s integration with Zapier to create Zaps for applications, even ones we don't have native integrations for. Triggers you can choose from are: call missed, call ringing, call busy, call completed and call answered. As an example, you could set up a Zap to assign you a task when you miss a call. The task would include the number, time, and details of the call.

(5) Project Management Software

Project management software helps organizations plan, organize, and manage their projects. Integration of your VoIP system with your project management software allows you to automate actions based on certain triggers. For example, when you complete a call, the system automatically creates a task in the system to follow up.

Benefits of Integrating VOIP and Project Management Software:

  • Stay up to date:
    You can attach call recordings to tasks in the project management software.

  • Keep work organized:
    Automatically set up or update tasks when you have a missed call or other triggers.

  • Keep stakeholders informed in real-time:
    Set up an action to send an SMS once a task is completed, updated or created.

Net2phone Canada Customer Pro Tip:

Save your Huddle call recordings in dropbox. Access your phone call recordings and transcripts straight from the cloud wherever you are.

(6) Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

Allowing information to sync between your phone system and accounting software can help automate tasks.

For example, using Zapier or open API, you could create triggers that when a call is completed, the accounting system will automatically create a purchase invoice.

Benefits of Integrating your Accounting Software with VoIP:

  • Automate Tasks :
    Create actions and triggers to automate tasks and streamline processes.

  • Security:
    Ensure client and employee data is safe with a secure and encrypted VoIP system.

  • Track data for billing:
    Using statistics and analytics, accountants can keep track of client calls to bill them accordingly.

Net2phone Canada Customer Pro Tip:

Use net2phone’s integration with Google Sheets, to import call data and see stats. You can easily view, manipulate and analyze call data your way and gain deeper insights.

Choosing the Right Provider

Today businesses are choosing uCaaS as their communication system for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and remote work capabilities.

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) combines a cloud-based VoIP phone system with other communication features like messaging, videoconferencing, faxing, and integrations.

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Choose a platform that can integrate with your existing tools or one that integrates with the tools you plan on using. Or choose a provider like net2phone Canada with open API, so you can develop custom integrations to meet your specific needs.

If you’d like to learn more and see how our business phone solution can benefit your organization, book a demo today!