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Our history: how Versature became net2phone Canada

net2phone Canada, formerly Versature, was founded in 2003 with an exclusive focus on business VoIP telephony solutions. As one of the first strictly-Canadian VoIP providers within the industry, coupled with its commitment to customer success, Versature started to become recognized as a key player in hosted PBX services. Versature began collecting accolades, from being named a Branham300 “Up and Comer”, to being awarded Small Business of the Year, and eventually making the list of Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Companies. Versature had a steep growth trajectory, building a powerful team of business phone service experts while developing innovative features to improve everyday efficiencies for its clients.

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Versature feature development

Knowing that its product can serve as more than a dial tone, Versature invested in feature development to give its users advanced functionality. In 2013 Versature launched the Trust Initiative, an independently-hosted website to deliver real-time and historical information about Versature’s performance. “At Versature we built TRUST by striving for perfection, and being transparent when there is an issue,” Paul Emond, Versature Founder. Versature developed features like Sonar, a self-service Client Portal which allows users and administrators to manage their business phone system and individual extension, as well as voicemail to email transcriptions, integrations with SaaS platforms, a robust analytics platform, and more.

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Versature becomes net2phone Canada

In September 2018, Versature announced that it had been acquired by net2phone, a global provider of unified communications services and subsidiary of IDT Corporation. net2phone’s investment in Versature had accelerated its growth, enabling Versature to triple the size of it’s team, and launch a variety of new features and integrations. Following 2.5 years of growing Versature under the net2phone umbrella, Versature officially reintroduced itself as net2phone Canada in February 2021.

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Customer success & giving back

While Versature started from humble beginnings, it was never afraid to compete against the big guys. Founded on a customer success mindset, Versature differentiated itself from major telecom giants by providing reliable service and unparalleled support to Canadian businesses. Versature wove corporate philanthropy into its business strategy, partnering with local non-profits to power telethons, donate service and capital, and encourage it’s Versature team members to volunteer during business hours. As part of Versature’s commitment to the 1-1-1 initiative of corporate philanthropy, it has pledged 1% of equity, 1% of time, and 1% of services to charitable endeavours since 2015. While Versature’s name has changed to net2phone Canada, our commitment to giving back to our community is unwavering.

Where are we now?

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11 integrations

See how you can integrate with these cloud-based platforms.

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95% net retention rate

Customer success is at the core of everything we do.

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100% Canadian based and operated

From our data centres to our team and partners, we’re proud to be strictly Canadian.

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85+ employees

We’re continuing to grow, join our awesome team.

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