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New: Self-Service Bilingual Auto Attendant & Wifi Adapters

We have added 2 new features for new and existing clients: self-service bilingual auto-attendant functionality and the Obihai Wifi adapter for remote users.

Bilingual Auto Attendant Management

Many Canadian companies service both English and French speaking clients, and therefore need to offer support in both official languages. Employing an auto-attendant is an effective way to greet callers in their preferred language and filter them by language preference so they can be routed to the appropriate agent. Traditionally, configuring a tier-level auto attendant for multiple languages required significant work in the back end. Now, through the Languages tab, Office Managers can select their language right within their SONAR portal.

You can choose to designate specific lines to have either English or French for the auto-prompts people will hear when they call in. The initial message will prompt the caller to select a digit to hear the following messages within the queue in their specified language. Instead of being routed from one auto attendant to the next, it is all done within one screen and can be easily serviced by the office manager themselves without needing to involve a customer success representative for implementation.

For more information on how to designate specific lines to French or English, explore the Academy article.

Wifi Adapter

One of the greatest benefits of a VoIP phone system is that it is not tied to a fixed location. Unlike traditional phone systems that run through onsite hardware, VoIP enables you to take your phone system with you wherever there is an internet connection. This feature has proved to be particularly useful for the remote workforce, which is on the rise as more companies begin adopting flexible work environments.

Polycom phones operate when plugged into an ethernet wire that connects with a network. Oftentimes, the location of where a home user prefers to work restricts them from being able to hardwire their device to their home internet router. To provide remote users with more flexibility, We now offers the Obihai Wifi adapter. The Obihai WiFi adapter is a USB device that allows you to wirelessly connect your Polycom phone to an internet connection via WiFi, similar to what you can do with a mobile device. If remote employees have direct access to the router, we recommend that they continue to use the hardwired ethernet cable option as the Obihai WiFi adapter’s quality is dependent on the strength and reliability of the WiFi signal.

For detailed instructions on how to set up the Obihai WiFi adapter, visit the Academy article.