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Do I Still Need a Desk Phone?

In celebration of national telephone day, we’re sharing our top 10 Reasons why the desk phone is still one of the most powerful tools for your business!

Happy Early National Telephone Day!

Yes, you read that right. There is, indeed, a full day dedicated to celebrating the telephone (April 25). Here at net2phone Canada we’ll take any excuse to celebrate, especially when it’s to celebrate the tool that we take so much pride in delivering to Canadian businesses.

In honour of this momentous day, we’re sharing our top 10 Reasons why the desk phone is still one of the most powerful tools for your business!


We’ll start with the most obvious one!

The rise of the internet has made way for a vast array of communications channels which has empowered businesses to communicate with customers in ways they’ve never been able to before.

However, as businesses prioritize the digital experience, they often overlook the fact that communicating over the phone is quicker, more effective and easier than messaging back and forth via text.

In fact, according to a study by Google, the phone remains the preferred contact medium despite the emergence of other channels!


Most companies don’t realize that they’re sitting on an untapped goldmine of valuable business insights.

Every single phone call compiles mass amounts of data that can provide important insights into business efficiencies and customer needs.

This information can be leveraged to improve decision-making, gamify team performance, and increase operational efficiencies.


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like the sound of your own voice, there's nothing more torturous than the thought of listening back on hundreds of call recordings.

While listening to recordings of calls may feel more like a chore than an exercise in professional development, the insight you’ll gain from listening to your pitch as well as the needs and concerns of your customers will be paramount to understanding them, and in turn, better serving them.


Anybody remember when black and white video was the norm and not just a cool Instagram filter, when touch screens were only seen in a science fiction television series, and a mobile phone weighed roughly 5 pounds?

Technology is constantly evolving and doing so at an ever-growing rate.

Phone technology is no different, with innovative features and new functionality being developed every year.

Today’s desk phones are now equipped with industry-leading software and features that provide so much more than a dial tone.


Cell phones don’t have the functionality of redirecting phone calls.

So when a client calls into your cell phone number with the hopes of reaching your colleague, you have to provide them with the new number, hang up and hope they connect.

Where a cell phone is very one-dimensional, desk phones can offer a multitude of solutions that will offer a more professional calling experience for your clients.

Sophisticated features like call forwarding and mobile apps enable your employees to stay connected.


There are few things more frustrating than having to repeatedly ask a caller to repeat their question.

Inconsistent call quality results in ambiguity and will ultimately give your clients a poor calling experience. The call quality that comes with state-of-the-art Polycom desk phones just can’t be beat!


It seems as though as soon as your smartphone turns one year old, the battery life just plummets!

With a reliable desk phone, you won’t have to keep carrying a charger with you in fear of your battery dying.


While requiring employees to use their cell phone instead of a desk phone is an obvious cost-saver, promoting two phone numbers to your customers will diminish the consistency of your business’s brand.

It becomes especially tricky when an employee moves on, and your clients continue calling their number in hopes of reaching your company.

Ultimately, providing clients with a cell phone number as a medium of contacting your business will serve as a very disjointed solution.

If your employees are constantly on the go and prefer the flexibility of a mobile device, they can transfer their extension through the extension of an integrated mobile app!


Does your company use CRM platforms, messaging apps, or cloud-based tools?

The power of mashing up call data with your company’s operational data can give you immediate insights into industry trends, performance, and ROI.

You can now connect your call data to tools you already use (like Salesforce or Microsoft Teams), and be able to see your call data in real-time.

Open APIs will allow you to develop an entirely new integration to create a unique solution for your business!


Nobody likes to be put on hold, and unfortunately, even the shortest amount of time on hold can begin to affect the customer experience. Luckily, your call data can indicate when it's time to look into hiring an extra receptionist, call centre agent, or support representative! If you notice metrics like the average wait time, number of calls in the queue, and busiest call times are getting higher over time, it may be time to add another member to your team.

Give your business more than just a dial tone. Request a demo to see how a value-packed phone solution and data analysis tools can take your communications to the next level.