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How to get the best calling quality off your home internet

If you’re preparing for a more permanent work from home setup, and want the best call quality, you don’t necessarily need to make any major internet changes! Here are our best tips to get the best possible voice quality within your current infrastructure:

A man at his desk on the phone in front of his laptop at home

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that delivers voice communications through an internet connection. Among its many notable features, the bypassing of traditional phone lines enables users to access their phone system from anywhere with an internet connection, making it the perfect tool for telecommuters everywhere. However, the key to a successful VoIP solution isn’t necessarily within the product itself. Rather, it’s the quality of your internet connection.

With the tremendous progression of innovative technologies and broadband infrastructure networks, home offices have become more sophisticated than ever before. It’s typically recommended that you have at least 80 kb/s of bandwidth (upload and download speed) to support a quality VoIP solution, which is well within the capacity of most home broadband connections. However, while the whole neighbourhood is working from home, streaming netflix, and downloading podcasts, no home office is immune to the occasional lost signal or outage. If you’re preparing for a more permanent work from home setup, and want the best call quality, you don’t necessarily need to make any major internet changes! Here are our best tips to get the best possible voice quality within your current infrastructure:

Use cabled internet over wifi

VoIP devices have both an Ethernet port as well as a built-in WiFi option, which requires a wireless access point to connect and register with a service provider or PBX. While the benefits of using WiFi are notable (who needs another cable in their life, right?), in choosing WiFI as your connectivity source you are likely compromising your call quality. WiFi connections in and of themselves are typically less reliable, especially when compared to an Ethernet connection. If you’re already operating off a WiFi network with a slow connection, your call quality will undoubtedly suffer. Simply put, a hardwire Ethernet connection is a direct connection, therefore it will provide superior quality. Should you prefer using browser-based calling or a softphone over a desk phone, the Ethernet connection will still result in better quality.

Invest in a home router

While the typical home router may support your home’s every-day internet connectivity needs, the addition of your business technology may require a more powerful device. Determine if your router has the functionality dedicated to providing traffic shaping and policy-based management. Traffic shaping prioritizes a small portion of your bandwidth specifically for your VoIP service which helps regulate network data flow without affecting your other internet activity. Therefore, no internet activity, including downloading and streaming applications, will interfere with your call quality. Any Versature client can contact our Canadian-based support team (dial 6-1-1 off any Versature device) to purchase and install a NetGear router for traffic shaping!

Leverage mobility features

Should you find yourself constantly on the move or want to escape the city and work remotely from a cottage, you don’t have to worry about packing your desk phone. Versature users have 2 alternative calling options in addition to their desk phone.

Mobile App: The Versature App is available to download for both Android and iOS devices in the App store. The App allows you to take your business phone extension with you wherever you go, meaning you’re able to provide and maintain a single point of contact for clients, colleagues, and partners while you’re at the office or working from home. Please note that when switching to devices such as the SONAR Phone or Mobile App, you must add the new devices into the queue to be able to receive queue calls.

SONAR Phone: SONAR Phone is Versature’s softphone feature. Through the SONAR Phone, you can access your extension anywhere using your pre-existing login credentials without needing any additional software. It provides the full functionality of the Versature Mobile app, but allows users to call directly from the SONAR portal from a Chrome web browser using a headset, headphones or computer audio with no physical device required. The SONAR Phone is free, easy to use and requires little set-up. To improve the voice quality, try setting up your workstation as close to your WIFI router as possible and reduce downloading and streaming applications like Netflix, Apple Music, etc.

Prepare your business for a seamless and effective remote work setup with Versature’s award-winning phone service. Through Versature’s Work From Home Promotional Bundle, you can make and receive calls through Versature’s web-based SONAR Phone or mobile app, without the need for additional hardware.

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