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Mythbusters Volume 4: does VoIP have security issues?

Any modern technology faces skepticism with new users often questioning the quality, ease of use and security of new softwares. The net2phone Canada MythBusters are back to tackle the topic of VoIP security!

Welcome to Volume 4 of net2phone Canada’s MythBusters series, where we debunk the biggest myths surrounding unified business communications in today’s technology-driven world. Any modern technology faces skepticism with new users often questioning the quality, ease of use and security of new softwares. Our Product Experts turned MythBusters are back to tackle the topic of VoIP security and what you need to know before you deploy!

The key to protecting your information

With 21st-century technology and innovative problem solving, VoIP systems are actually more secure than the average landline. The key is to use a reliable network provider, which is essentially a given for any modern business. With a secure network, your VoIP system is less susceptible to fraud and security leaks than they would be with an on-premise option. Quality providers enable user authentication, firewalls, and encryption methods to add layers of security. For fraud to occur, the user would need physical access to the device as well as the username and password for each phone. If concerned about leaks, you can reduce the likelihood by restricting access to the equipment to key employees, ensure employees create a secure password, and change the passwords when experiencing turnover.

When people think about VoIP security, it usually relates to fraud prevention of international calls. Even on the rare chance that a user could successfully access your devices, net2phone Canada has protections in place to prevent most high-cost international calling. Destinations that have never historically been called from a net2phone Canada extension are blocked for any user unless a customer has approved for calls to be made to that particular location.

Call Recordings

net2phone Canada Insights enables companies to store call recordings to create a library of tamper-proof audio records of conversations while remaining compliant with industry legislations. The algorithm identifies sensitive information within the text transcriptions, such as credit card numbers, and redacts that segment of audio from the transcription. Both callers and users can be rest assured knowing that their private information is protected.

Denial of Service attack

A denial of service attack occurs when a system is flooded with so much information that the system is eventually forced to shut down. This is similar to sending a lot of fake traffic to a web server to overload it. net2phone Canada has DOS attack mitigation which would shut down the server under attack and revert all lines to our secondary site, similar to if we were to experience a power outage. This mitigation ensures no client’s communications suffer from a compromised system.

Final Verdict

Now for the final verdict: does VoIP have security issues? No. In fact, there are significantly more protections set in place to ensure that users can communicate confidently knowing that their systems are safe from fraud or attacks.

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