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Save the Day with VoIP Disaster Recovery

Why do you need to deploy a VoIP solution that has disaster recovery processes in place? The answer is simple. It will keep your business online and responsive when the unexpected occurs.

As a result of the recent environmental challenges that Canada has faced - devastating forest fires in Alberta, flooding in Quebec, and Tornadoes in Ontario - disaster recovery and business continuity have become hot topics. With customers demanding quick transactions and 24/7 availability, businesses are pressured to remain responsive at all times. But staying online 100% of the time is unrealistic in a world where power outages, severe storms, or natural disasters can strike at any moment. So why do you need to deploy a VoIP solution that has disaster recovery processes in place? The answer is simple. It will keep your business online and responsive when the unexpected occurs.

Versature’s equipment and infrastructure are designed to support Canadian businesses with a fault-tolerant configuration that ensures reliability far beyond a traditional analog system. Whether your company is faced with a natural disaster, extreme weather, or even renovations, Versature’s cloud-based business phone solution keeps businesses online and available by using geo-redundant infrastructure hosted through multiple secure Class-A data centres throughout Canada. Each facility is protected by redundant connections to multiple power grids, backup power generators, internet connections, environmental controls, and security personnel.

Automatic Failover

Each of Versature’s Class A data centres derive from a different carrier so that if one vendor closes, the other data centres will not be affected. All devices are set up in a way that if the primary site can’t be reached, your communications will be re-routed to the secondary site. This switch occurs automatically with no need to have an operator on-site to take action. Each carrier also operates in multiple locations so if one geographic area is affected, your phone solution will remain online. Therefore, there is no single point of failure. Versature’s system is set up to be resilient and to have any failover be transparent with clients and partners.

Internet Failures

Modern-day internet connections are robust and reliable. However, in the rare occasion that you face an outage, you can forward your calls to the Versature mobile app or disconnect your desk phone from your office and plug it into an ethernet cable with a viable network connection. Because all calls originate in Versature’s data centres, your callers will still enjoy the same calling experience and will not face disruptions on your end. If your internet connection is not equipped to support a quality VoIP system like Versature, we simply will not deploy our solution for your business.


All customer data is replicated between Versature’s data centres in real-time and cloud-based offsite backups are performed daily so you will never lose your phone-generated data regardless of infrastructure failures.


Versature employs multiple levels of redundancy across all layers of infrastructure, meaning that it is very unlikely that your business will suffer from outages. In the incredibly unlikely event that a major catastrophe occurs, at the most minimal service level, you will still be able to make emergency calls.

Any business continuity plan needs to define what minimal level of service you need for your business in order to operate. Oftentimes, the planning is already in play so that your business loses minimal functionality. However, not all vendors know how to manage disaster recovery! When searching for a VoIP provider, ask the representative what their business continuity and disaster recovery plans are. If they’re unsure or do not have one, it is best to continue your search with other providers.

Did you know that Versature provides public insight into live and historical system status updates through the Versature TRUST initiative? Learn more about what makes Versature different.

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