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Netcelerate Updates

This information is provided to assist Netcelerate customers remain in touch with their clients.

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Notice to Netcelerate Customers

Early February 2021, upon hearing of the business challenges of Netcelerate; net2phone Canada extended an offer to current Netcelerate customers to quickly migrate their services with minimal paperwork and delays in order to help them maintain service to their customers, staff and shareholders. See letter below from net2phone Canada's President:

Open letter dated Feb 5, 2021 to Netcelerate Customers [here]

If you are a current Netcelerate client, please reach out to: or call (833) 787-2323


March 1 2021 - Many customers have been able to move services and be setup successfully. At this time it is becoming a challenge with move numbers with some carriers. Any remaining customers should work quickly to move their numbers to alternative vendors such as net2phone Canada to avoid interruption.

April 1 2021 - Further clients have been successful in migrating their services. At this time please email if you need assistance with a migration of your services. The team will do their best but at this point not all phone numbers may be possible to migrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions from Netcelerate Customers