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Understanding VoIP As A New Employee

Written by: Nick Arcuri

Although transitioning from traditional telephones to cloud-based solutions may seem intimidating at first, it can revolutionize your new role moving forward. Absorbing information, learning new concepts and adapting to industry specific solutions is easy, especially when you have resources like this that will serve new and inexperienced VoIP users who just need that extra helping hand.

Understanding Your Features

Many voice over IP providers include features that claim to increase productivity and overall communication within your working teams. Here, we simplify the features that compliment your real life tasks.

A diagram outlining basic user solutions for new voip users and the connection to inbound call features outbound call features and support features - net2phone Canada - Business VoIP Phone System

What You Need To Know Regarding Inbound Calls

  • Receiving large amounts of phone calls means setting up your communications solution to handle anything thrown at it. This could include features such as Voicemail To Email, Answering Rules & Timeframes and the SONAR web phone.

  • Voicemail to Email simply sends your caller’s audio message to your email’s inbox, along with the caller’s detailed information. A transcribed message of the voicemail also gets attached to get a better understanding of the recording.

  • Answering Rules grant you full control over your phone system settings when automatically transferring/forwarding your incoming VoIP call. Using these rules can rectify any issues with unanswered calls during holidays, closures, time away or even peak hours. They can work on an entire domain (or specific phone numbers) or for extensions. You can apply them either to direct calls elsewhere, call forward, or enable sureanswer. This will detect if you experience an internet outage and automatically reroute your calls as a business redundancy measure.

  • Timeframes work in tandem with your Answering Rules. These allow you to set a window where your phone service will react according to the answering rule you have assigned to that time period. For example, during lunch every day send all calls to voicemail, or to send calls to voicemail on statutory holidays. Specifically, this can be done by date range, days of the week, or on a permanent basis.

  • Lastly, your SONAR Web Phone is your browser-based system that can be accessed through Google Chrome when logging into SONAR. This allows your internet connected computer to make and receive calls through the same business phone number. While desk phones provide you with the best call quality, your SONAR phone will provide you with more flexibility. By ensuring you have dedicated bandwidth and traffic shaping, you can enjoy a stress-free setup with virtually no loss in call quality throughout this very adaptable suite of inbound call features.

What You Need To Know Regarding Outbound Calling

  • Driving towards new levels of success requires a solid communications solution that can handle outbound calling just as much as inbound call traffic. VoIP services have features that will assist your team with caller information, access to multiple channels of communication and communication efficiency. Team members can accomplish this through features like SONAR Chat, Contacts Quick-Access, SMS/MMS Messaging.

  • SONAR Chat acts as your internal messaging system. Basic users are able to hop into a chat with a fellow team member to discuss things that may not require a phone conversation. This can serve as a tool before making a call or reaching out to your prospect or customer to clarify any information that you are missing. Allowing your teams to properly communicate internally has shown to be a difference maker when it comes to serving your prospects and clients with the utmost professionalism.

  • Contacts-Quick Access is your best friend when it comes to navigating through multiple windows all day long, allowing you to open a separate contacts window outside of SONAR, while also letting you organize and filter contacts before placing calls with your web phone. This allows your team to stay organized and keep your contact list on screen for the majority of the workday without the need to scramble through SONAR in search of phone numbers.

  • SMS/MMS Messaging takes net2phone Canada to the world of the mobile phone. Dispatching your conversations through SMS/MMS messaging enables you to contact your prospect or customer through a different channel, allowing for more efficient communication. Pairing this feature with an integration like Zapier allows you to trigger a message through SONAR when a service has been completed, to complete surveys or simple messages to communicate new discounts. These can go a long way in the customer buying cycle, and usually lead to better built relationships. Ensure you’re utilizing the full suite of features by communicating with your prospects and customers with one of the most time-saving methods of communication.

What You Need To Know Regarding Support

  • This might be one of the most underrated aspects of a solid VoIP service, and in many cases can be the determining factor when it comes to selecting the right solution for your team. Knowing that you have support included in your business communication solution is a basic necessity in today’s market, but having reliable and fast support available through multiple channels is where net2phone Canada places itself. We do this by offering your team email, chat and phone support.

  • Our Phone support is known to be one of the best ways of contacting us, with our sub 1 minute answer speed and live Canadian-based agents ready to tackle any problem ahead. Simply dial 6-1-1 on your net2phone Canada device and your team will be connected to our VoIP experts.

  • We also offer online chat support by connecting through the SONAR portal. This offers the same level of support and reliability, but for those that may require a level of silence in their office. This is available to all basic users through the SONAR portal. Once logged in, you will see a support tab in the bottom of the window. Our chat agents are speedy, responding in under 30 seconds on average

  • Our other option is contacting support by Email Request. This is one of the most traditional ways of contacting us, so note that we will always get your team an answer the second we figure out a solution.

Want More?

Above are just a few highlighted features you can use with your new solution. A great way to learn everything about your new solution as a basic user is through our FREE webinars, as well as our online Academy articles! Through these webinars and academy articles, we take you through all the features and tools that can help you and your teams in conquering your business goals through better internal and external communication. Sign up today to gain the ins and outs from our very own net2phone Canada experts.

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