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Voicemail to Email: Never Check Your Voicemail Again

Meet Diane, the CEO of a medium-sized business.

Her average day consists of coming into work in the morning, checking in with her coworkers, and ensuring day-to-day operations are running smoothly. She then drives out to meet prospective customers, partners, and networks in the community to help grow the business.

Every morning she comes in and looks at the blinking light on her desk phone. She still hasn’t listened to her messages from yesterday, and as she comes in she contemplates whether to start working her way through all the messages. While she’s debating listening to her messages, her phone starts ringing again. She has time to get through a couple of voicemails while talking to her coworkers, but she has to make her next meeting and doesn’t get a chance to finish listening to all of the messages. She is out all day, and by the time the day is over she has a choice: check her messages again or go home to her family. So that’s why she tells people:

"Don't leave me a voicemail, I don't have time to listen to them!"

Is this something you’ve heard in the last few years, or maybe even something you’ve said? Well, here at net2phone Canada, we can tell you voicemail is making a comeback, but maybe not in the way you think. Let me tell you how.

From my experience working with clients, most people prefer to express themselves through speech rather than through text. Sometimes you want to explain something that doesn’t really translate on paper (or electronically), which is why it’s preferable to leave a voice message rather than send an email or write a text message. After all, you’ve chosen to leave a voicemail, you would have sent the email or text message if you had wanted to.

"I'm always on the go, I can't sit at my desk to listen to a dozen voice messages."

This is a common cause for people not listening to voicemails. If it’s left too long, voicemail can become an onerous process, which only gets worse the longer you leave it before checking the messages. However, voicemail has evolved! With net2phone Canada’s voicemail to email feature, we make it easy and more convenient than ever to receive and manage your voicemail messages. You don’t even need to log into your voicemail client via your phone, which means no extra passwords, no extra steps, and no extra time wasted! It’s just like it sounds: your voicemails go to your email inbox.

Here's how voicemail to email works:

First, the email sent to your mailbox will have the Caller ID information right in the subject line, so you can easily see who left you a message. No more sitting through listening to a lot of messages to finally get to the one you’ve been patiently waiting for. You can use your email client to filter important messages, and to go back to the rest when you have more time.

Second, the email will contain a text transcription of the message. You can quickly read it and get the information you need, without having to listen to your caller’s hesitant pauses or long-winded speeches.

Third, the email also contains an audio file of the message itself. If the transcription is not fully clear, you still have the option to hear the message right from your email inbox.

Getting social, with voicemail?

Do you ever have calls that come in and you’re not quite sure who it is that’s on the other end? And because you don’t know who it is, you don’t know whether you should answer their call or let it go to voicemail. By adding net2phone Canada’s Social Caller ID extension to Google Chrome you can get additional insights into who’s calling you, including their location, website, and social profiles.

Why is this useful?

Managing your voicemails through your email client is much easier than doing it through your phone! You can easily include the voicemail in a reply to the client to indicate what you are referencing, you can forward it to another contact so they can address the message, and you can archive them on your system for future reference. Your callers will never again hear that your mailbox is full!

You can also easily add additional email recipients for your extension’s voicemail. These can be other email addresses you check more frequently, or some coworkers’ so they can help filter through the messages and highlight the ones that require your immediate attention.

"Please leave me a voicemail, so I can respond in a timely manner!"

Nowadays, Diane no longer needs to waste time sitting at her desk to listen to her voicemails. As they come in throughout the day, she reads them in her email and actions them right away, wherever she is. She no longer feels shackled to her phone, and her callers get answers much faster than before.

As you can see, there are no longer any reasons why people shouldn’t take or leave voicemails. So get on the bandwagon, set up your voicemail-to-email on the net2phone Canada system, and get started! Call us at 6-1-1 to get assistance setting up your Voicemail to Email!

"It's voicemail, only better!"

Not a net2phone Canada client yet? Get in touch with a Product Expert today and see first-hand how our Voicemail to Email system works!