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Essential Call Metrics for your SDRs

Your SDR team is essentially your company's first impression to new prospects. Similar to a date, if your company gives off a bad first impression, you aren't likely to get another chance. These essential metrics will determine if your SDRs are "dating material".

Statistics show that if you make a bad impression on a first date, the chances of you getting a second are slim to none. Think of your Sales Development Representative (SDR, also known as BDRs for Business Development Representatives) team as your company’s first impression, they’re the first approach at the bar, the first handshake on a blind date, or in more modern times, the first message after you’ve swiped right. For your company to make it to a “second date,” it is essential that you have a top-notch SDR team to make that first impression quick, powerful and lasting. Want to know if your SDRs are considered dating material? Take a look at these essential metrics to find out!

How often do you make it to the second date?

An SDR’s role is to move leads through the pipeline to close a sale. An easy way to visualize how successful you’ve been is to look back into your call history and see how often you forward your call to a sales representative’s extension number.

How are your conversations going?

Choose a sample of call and voicemail recordings to listen back on. Ask yourself questions like:

Did I address the recipient by name?

Did I introduce myself and my company properly?

How was my tone of voice?

Was I quick to respond to objections with valuable suggestions and counterpoints?

Look this information over with a supervisor or colleague to hear their feedback and suggestions.

Are you playing hard to get?

While most SDRs spend their days making outbound calls, it’s those beautiful and rare inbound calls that can often lead to closing a sale. Look at your average answer time as well as the amount of SDRs the call has cycled through before landing on your desk. If your average answer time is not within a reasonable time frame, you’ll want to make yourself more available.

Are you being too desperate?

How many calls are being made per client? As your work consists of making outbound calls all day, you may not realize that you’ve been bombarding a client who hasn’t responded or shown any interest. If this is the case, it may be time to pump the breaks, wait a few months, and try again.

How many calls are being made per day?

Although you may be trying to hit a daily or monthly target for number of calls made, if you’re constantly bouncing from lead to lead and not engaging in valuable conversations with clients, you’ll never find ‘the one’. Instead, create a new target for making X number of calls last for X length of time.

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