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How to Demonstrate Your Business’ Value

With so many businesses grappling with the current economic challenges, it is critical for organizations to shift their focus from sales to assisting existing clients in finding success.

In high-performing B2B organizations, there’s a lot of emphasis on the ‘close’. You found the perfect fit prospect, blew them away in the demo with your innovative features, the training went smoothly, and the software implementation was a breeze. But it's what happens after the sale that is critically important. Is the new client getting value out of the solution? Are they having difficulty accessing the features? Is the rest of the team easily adopting the new technology?

Why is this important if the sale has already closed? If a client isn’t optimizing your solution, it’s unlikely that they’re going to continue paying for your service during a period of economic downturn. Take this opportunity to demonstrate the full value of your solution, especially if your software has the functionality to facilitate effective remote working or assist individuals as they remain in self-isolation.

Introduce limited-time no-cost services

Most SaaS organizations offer standard packages with an option to add value-added services in addition to the inclusive features. If your business offers an a-la-carte feature that you think would help your clients, consider temporarily enabling this feature for all existing clients. Not only will this show that your business is actively thinking of its clients, but temporary adoption of these services may lead to clients opting into paying for the additional features once returning to the office.

Account audits

If you’re able to oversee a clients’ usage of your system, review your existing client list and categorize them as either “optimizers” or “passive”. For all of the clients listed as “passive”, offer to go over an account review or proactively run an audit of their account and send them the findings. Are they using the tools correctly? Are there unoptimized features that will help them achieve specific goals? Could their business benefit from additional one-on-one training of how to operate your system? The more your clients understand the full functionality and benefits of your offering, the more likely they will get value out of it.

Partial Credits

If financially viable, consider offering a partial monthly credit to clients who are concerned about their finances right now. This way, it prevents them from having to go through the onboarding and activation phase when their business returns to capacity.

Be proactive & engaging

Focus your efforts on delivering value-added resources, not sales collateral. While everybody’s inboxes are flooded with messages from businesses stating that they’re “here to help” and “we’re in this together”, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the noise. Create guides or instructional videos on how to get the most value out of your solution, or organize a webinar to share technical expertise specific to your demographic of clients. Remember to be educational and helpful, and refrain from pitching.

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Combatting Churn in Economic Uncertainty