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Never hear the screechy song of an analog fax line again.

Scrap your old analog fax line and save with 2-way email fax or fax over IP, only with SONAR.

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Two-way email fax

Email Fax service allows you to send and receive faxes easily through your existing email client. To send a fax you simply enter the fax number as an email address and anything in the body of the email and attached documents (PDFs, Word Docs) will be sent as a fax. Received faxes will show up in your inbox as a PDF document.

Faxes can be sent and received from a local number at $13/month per line, or on a toll-free number for $18/month per line.

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Fax Over IP

Do you need to keep your existing fax machine, but still want to send and receive faxes without the analog physical line? Using the analog telephone adapter (ATA) device you can easily connect your existing fax machine to the Internet and use the machine as you’re used to. The ATA device supports T38 giving you the same reliability in a physical fax machine.

The physical ATA connection device can be purchased for $194.99, in addition to the $29.99/month per fax service.

Feature value

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Email fax allows you to easily send and receive faxes wherever you are in the world. You can now easily send a fax to a necessary party as you’re working from home, or travelling abroad.

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Simple configuration

Email fax means you have no hardware, software or physical lines to set up, setting up your fax line is a breeze. Everything
is configured during your onboarding process, or after the fact by dialling 6-1-1.

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Email fax is all done through your existing email client; a system you’re already familiar with. Our online fax tool is flexible to adhere to working how you prefer.

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The Fax Over IP system is a valuable compliance tool for organizations that require their faxes to not be stored digitally. Common for businesses in the healthcare industry, or others where confidentiality and data privacy is necessary.

Use Cases

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eFax gives your organization a way to send and receive fax transmission from clients or prospects without the need to maintain a physical device. This cuts down on costs and is typically more affordable than a traditional fax line.

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Fax over IP gives all of the security of your traditional fax machine, ensuring that your business stays compliant with any privacy-related policies that you must adhere to. It can also give your staff the opportunity to work with the tool they're most comfortable with.

Pricing customized for your business

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