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Keep your doors professionally secured from anywhere

Hands-free entry control with IP Door Intercoms connected to SONAR. Talk and grant building access from your browser, fully supported by net2phone Canada.

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Connect by intercom

Visitors press the call button on the intercom or doorphone station to initiate calling to a configured extension such as a security desk or hunt group.

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Communicate with visitors

Answering the intercom call enables two-way communication with the visitor. Generally speaking, any telephone, device or client on the telephone system can communicate with the doorphone.

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Easily grant access

During the intercom call the telephone keypad can be used to enter a door open code. Once activated, the intercom’s access control relay will permit a momentary unlock of the entrance for the visitor to gain access through the door or gate in a secure and efficient manner.

Feature value

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Be secure

Door security units ensure that only those you want to let in to your building are let in, keeping out those who shouldn’t have access.

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Flexible configuration

The intercom can route any way a traditional phone can, including to a single extension or to a call queue, and will follow all of the pre-configured answering rules.

Use Cases

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Organizations that have a traditional office and warehouse environment typically have security already installed. Having your door security linked through voice to your phone systems allows you to have total control, and provide fall backs so your deliveries aren’t waiting.

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A lot of businesses are primarily working remotely with some necessary staff still in the office. With a door unit system, not only will those in the office have a feeling of security, but if they have in person meetings with visitors or if there are expected deliveries, either your traditional receptionist can let them in or it can be easily configured to route to who is in the office that day.

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